Drawing grid, 1m x 1 m, collapsible

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Ref. 00160500

 A very professional tool!

Premium quality anodised aluminium profile, orange coating.
Four aluminium legs (12 mm diameter) of 0,50 m length, stepless adjustable with knurled-head screw.
V-grooves to fix the elastic cords every 10 cm in  order to maintain the elastic cord in position.
Collapsible with four screws fixed on the frame, which avoids to loose them in the field...

Have a look at our elastic cords! We have new colours, now also as 100m-reel with 1.5 mm thickness!

Attention : a double turn of the cords ensures no reading error! The drawer's position should be in a way that the upper and lower cord are congruent. Drawing grids with a simple turn of cords are not precise!

10 cm x 10 cm squares; internal dimensions : 1 m x 1m (1 m2) ; total length (dismounted) : 105,50 cm.