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Archeological trowels

In June 2012, we launched the first trowel designed by archaeologists for archaeologists: the Pi2. Three years later, the numbers speak for themselves...

> 2012: launch of the Pi2 trowel

                                > 2013: 65% of the trowels sold by Strati were Pi2,

                          > 2014: 80% of trowels sold by Strati were Pi2,

                                    > 2015: 92% of the trowels sold by Strati were Pi2!!!

Therefore, since January 1, 2016, we have removed mason's trowels from the site. That our competitors still have the nerve to pass off as archaeologists' trowels ... All is good to make easy money!

Revolutionary: the Pi2, ergonomics at the service of science... The blade is at 90° to the trowel's guard: the handle is now in the axis of the blade (see photo). Your trowel is perfectly in line with your hand. Your wrist is free of any constraint because it no longer has to compensate for the angle of the mason's trowels. Your gesture becomes precise and natural. See the difference in angle on the picture, no comment! Imagine doing 100km of cycling with an off-axis handlebar... hell !!! So... "go orange" is a tip for your joints!

comparaison truelles

Choosing a trowel, not easy... To make your life easier, we have created the section "CHOOSING A Trowel"

You can also have your trowels engraved for a birthday, a graduation or a university promotion.