An ordinary mason's trowel (above) compared to the archaeologist's trowel (angle of 90°) developed by Strati Concept.

Strati Concept doesn't deliver trowels that are "Made in China" ....

In June 2012 we launched our first trowel specially developed by archaeologists for archaeologists: the Pi2 trowel.

Three years later, the statistics speak for themselves...

> 2012 : launching of the Pi2 trowel

> 2013 : 65% of the trowels sold by Strati Concept were Pi2 trowels,

> 2014 : 80% of the trowels sold by Strati Concept were Pi2 trowels,

> 2015 : 92% of the trowels sold by Strati Concept were Pi2 trowels!!!


Therefore, Strati Concept no longer provides ordinary trowels from the 1st of January 2016.


It's not easy to choose the right trowel...

 To help you make your choice we have created the section



You want to offer an engraved trowel on the occasion of

a birthday, a graduation ceremony or an university degree

see below


Revolutionary... the Pi2 ... ergonomy helps science ...

The blade is at a 90° angle compared to the neck of the trowel

The handle is now located within the axis of the blade  (see photograph). Your trowel is in the perfect extension of your hand.

Your ankle is free and it no longer has to compensate the angle of the ordinary mason's trowels.

Your movement becomes precise and natural.

Please note the difference between the angles on the photographs, without any comment !

Imagine you  ride a bicycle during 100 km with an off-centered handlebar …. that's hell!!!

So..."change to orange", your joints will be grateful!