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echelle 1m canvas nbr roulée



Over these last 25 years we have constantly improved this range of products by adapting these to the special needs in the field and in the laboratory. For each situation on the excavation, for each taking of objects, the perfect photographic scale! Your photographs will be nice and readible, and your publications as well!

All the photographic scales are manufactured in our workshops in Guengat (Finistère, France).

Our proof of quality! Aluminium body and highly resistant screen printing with anti-scratch treatment: the Strati Concept photographic scales have a higher durability!

Large choice of lengths, from 1 cm to 1 m for the series of flat photographic scales as well as the series of angular photographic scales!

Each scale is available in three colour types: BLACK/WHITE, BLACK/WHITE/RED  and BLACK/YELLOW.

The  BLACK/YELLOW photographic scales are particularly adapted for underwater excavations and low light places: caves, mines, quarries, cellars, bunkers, underground spaces....

Discover also the very small 1cm, 2cm and 5cm scales in the section "magnetic scales".

New! We also propose flexible photographic scales: the "CANVAS" scales with lengths of 1 m, 2 m and 5 m. They are very practical and can be easily transported! The ideal item for your missions abroad....

 And last but not least, we offer attractive discount on a large selection of combined kits (set of scales + transport bag and/or north arrows and/or magnetic scales and/or CANVAS scale): have a look at our kits "CASE", "CANO", "CAMA" and "CANOMA", available for the 5/40 cm, 5/50 cm and 5/100 cm series and for the three colour combinations!