When I launched Strati Concept in 1989, I primarily aimed  to facilitate the work on the archaeological excavation. As an archaeologist, I was conscious about the urgent need of professional tools in the field, which could not be found in ordinary DIY-shops. I therefore decided to fully invest myself into the development of specific tools and accessories for excavation purposes and to make the best of it. Over the last thirty years, StratiConcept created and developed a large array of specific products for archaeologists:

... Forged trowels with 7 and 9 cm

 length, letter board sets, photographic scales with various sizes and in sevral colour combinations, arrows pointing north, the Strati Concept's Archaeological Digging Station SCADS, the spatula with  40 mm blade length, the drawing grid, the camera stand, the archaeological  trowel Pi2, sieve tower, small wooden excavation tools...and last but not least the Digital Profiler …

All these products are original Strati Concept creations and the result of our own research. And if you can buy them elsewhere, you should be aware that the result of intensive work can sometimes be stupidly copied.

At the beginning Strati Concept retailed special products in a small shop in Paris and in the course of time changed into a worldwide shipping company with seat in Brittany, where are located our manufacturing workshops.

It was a long way to make accept archaeologists that the right toolkit is a key to professional archaeology. Today, times have changed and we are confronted with hard concurrence and cheap products.

By contrast to our concurrents, our focus is on quality products, even if they have their price. Strati Concept refuses to retail cheap materials and products manufactured under unfair conditions.

Fair production, authencity and own ideas are our values and absolute priorities!

We want to provide you with tools, that are not only professional but that will accompany you for a long time.

StratiConcept regularly holds a stand on the occasion of international congresses and we are just back from the AIA conference in Boston.

So we hope to meet you here on our updated site or on the occasion of a congress!

 We are at your disposal to answer your questions, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information about our products and prices.

With our best wishes for 2018!

 Jean-Jacques Estela,

Archaeologist and firm director since 1989